After Care

Cosmetic Tattoo (Eyebrows)

AFTERCARE is so important. I just finished a beautiful microblading procedure for you. Now, your job is to apply good aftercare to keep it. You must follow the steps below EXACTLY so that your eyebrows will heal into a nice, natural color and will last a long time. Remember that your eyebrows are healing so it is normal for your eyebrows to be red, dark, and may continue to peel within the next 3 weeks. DO NOT WORRY, after 4 weeks, the strokes will come back. During your touchup at/after 6 weeks, we will perfect the look of your eyebrows.


To minimize scabbing, lightly dab off visible plasma fluid every 15-20 minutes using the provided sterile water wipes in the first hour after your procedure. After this initial hour, you may wash eyebrows once an hour for the next 5 hours using water and gentle soap (Cetaphil). Use finger tips to gently wash, rinse with warm water, and softly pat to dry. DO NOT RUB. Apply a thin layer of ointment after each wash. Wash, dry and apply ointment once more before bedtime.


Wash 3-4 times a day, pat dry and reapply ointment after every wash to keep the eyebrows moist. Reapply ointment as needed and continue to keep brows moist throughout the day.

DAY 3-10

Wash only once a day (before bedtime) and avoid getting brows wet throughout the day until fully healed. Apply ointment 3-4 times a day or as needed to keep the eyebrows moist. Before showering, apply ointment onto eyebrows to prevent getting the eyebrows wet OR limit showers to 5 minutes to avoid excessive steam. Wash hair last to minimize water exposure on eyebrows.

Things to Keep In Mind

• Avoid strenuous activities that may cause increased perspiration for 10 days.
• Avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks.
• No makeup or any products on the eyebrows until fully healed
   (usually 10 days).
• No makeup or any products on the eyebrows until fully healed
   (usually 10 days).
• Avoid laser or chemical treatment on the face for 30 days.
• No Botox (or similar) for 4-6 weeks
• Do not peel off scabs or scratch the eyebrows.
• No waxing until the procedure area is healed.
• Avoid sleeping on your face.

Signs & Symptoms of Infection

Signs and symptoms of an infection include, but are not limited to severe redness, swelling, tenderness of the procedure site, red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, elevated body temperature, or purulent drainage from the procedure site.


Inkless Stretch Mark & Scar Revision

Inkless Stretch Mark & Scar Revision

Immediately after procedure, area will be red, swollen, and possibly tender to the touch. This is normal and will subside in a week. Next, the treated area(s) will be dry, flakey with possibly small amounts of scabbing. Do not pick the treated area(s).

Inkless Stretch Mark Revision

Day of Procedure: Keep area clean and dry. Days 2 - 6: Clean with gentle cleanser twice a day (morning and night), pat dry then apply Bio Oil to procedure area. Days 7+: Clean with gentle cleanser twice a day (morning and night), pat dry. Apply Bio oil to procedure areas in the morning. Apply BodyStril cream at night. Continue until healed.

Inkless Scar Revision

Day of Procedure: Keep area clean and dry. Days 2+: Clean with gentle cleanser twice a day (morning and night), pat dry then apply Aquaphor to procedure area. Continue until healed.


- Keep procedure area clean. Cleanse with a gentle soap, such as Cetaphil.
- Monitor procedure area to ensure there are no infections. Keep in mind that your skin’s barrier has been penetrated and you must handle with clean hands as you would for any wound. If your skin becomes infected, seek emergency.
- You may shower 12 hours after the procedure.


- Do not take medication that will thin your blood after the procedure for the next 24 hours. Such medications include Advil and Vitamin E.
- Redness, swelling, tightness, feeling of being sunburnt is a normal reaction. Avoid all things hot: sauna, hot tub, tanning beds, sweating etc.
- While showering, do not scrub the procedure area(s). Avoid exposing the area to full water pressure for the next 7 days.
- Avoid tight fitting clothes 2-3 days after treatment
- Avoid excessive sweating for 7 days. Moderate exercise is fine after 2 days of treatment.
- Avoid tanning and swimming for 40 days
- Avoid any creams that contain Vitamin D for 40 days.

Tiny Tattoos

Keep the Tegaderm bandage on for 3 days. Shower and wash as usual.

After 3 days, take off the Tegaderm bandage, wash with a gentle cleanser and pat dry. Do not peel, keep area clean.