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Hi! I'm so glad that you're here at Song's ink Stand! Take a look at my portfolio and get to know me better. I hope I get to meet you in person soon!

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Hair-line strokes with pigment to create the most natural looking brows. Great for those with thinning or sparse brows.

Powder Brows

Semi permanent tattooing technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look

Blade & Shade

Microbladed brows throughout with shading concentrated at the tail of the the brows.

Combo Brows

This technique combines both the Microblading and ombré techniques that comprise of more shading. Suitable for those that have oily skin.

Inkless Stretch Mark Revision & Camouflage

Treating stretch marks to minimize the visibility

Inkless Scar Revision & Camouflage

Treating scars to minimize the visibility

3D Areola Tattoos

Full and Partial Areola tattoos

Tiny Tattoos

For the people craving some ink!